Whether for individuals or teams, Breathing Space Health provides an array of workshops and courses on sleep, wellbeing and performance.


The Sleep Fit Program is a multimedia education and awareness program that aims to simplify the science of sleep and

help you create a sleep plan for a rejuvenated, healthier lifestyle and better performance in work and life.


Developed by a team of scientists, health professionals and educators, the Sleep Fit program is based on the latest publications in sleep science. We believe that understanding the science of sleep as well as the relationship between sleep and performance can help you be more aware of:


What occurs during a restful night’s sleep

• Why sleep is important for rejuvenation

• How internal and external factors influence your sleep

• How your choices, behaviours and environment affect your sleep

• How adjusting your sleep habits can help optimise performance


Increased awareness of sleep and its effects is a great framework for improving your sleep habits. The Breathing Space team can help you create your own sleep plan with tools, tips and exercises to encourage and empower you to incorporate “sleeping fit” into your daily life. Sustaining better sleep habits could be your key to improving health, wellbeing and performance.

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